Agricultural Services

Working in harmony with the environment, we look after each piece of land as we do our own, with care and attention to both crop and countryside.
All our machinery is expertly maintained and regularly serviced as part of a voluntary initiative to uphold our excellent standards. The advanced technology utilised on our farms incorporates the leading developments of precision agriculture, providing the maximum yield and financial returns from the land, with a keen interest to preserve wildlife habitats.

Conscientious modern and environmentally sensitive farming techniques are utilised whilst working with the requirements of landowners.  We improve drainage and use adaptive cultural farming techniques to help protect crops in our changeable climate by utilising and operating with vertical farming.

Although the term vertical farming was first used more than 100 years ago in Gilbert Ellis Bailey’s book Vertical Farming, which focused on soil quality and nutrient density, the modern-day definition refers to growing plants in vertically stacked layers. The stacking can be used on a small scale for domestic use, or large-scale commercial farming in skyscrapers or warehouses or in stacks as our first centres aim to be with multiple off grid cultivation modules being operated.

Vertical farming is a smart concept, in which produce is grown in vertically stacked layers and in vertically inclined surfaces called hydroponic systems. So-called high-tech vertical farmers use natural sunlight or LED lights, and technology to monitor and adjust atmospheric humidity, water level, nutrients, and harvesting times.

Committed to you

Tailored farming solutions

THCBD Farms Foundation of Earth offer modern, adaptable and sustainable farming
services, tailored to our clients’ needs.
All aspects of agricultural requirements are facilitated with professionalism, lawfulness and experience.

Reliability you can trust

Ensuring land and countryside are cared for

By assigning land to THCBD Farms landowners can entrust that they are receiving the management expertise, specialised
machinery, and highly skilled workforce to establish and maintain crops to maximise yield whilst ensuring land and countryside are cared for.

Contact us today for more information
and a non-obligatory quote and concept of application to your land’s needs
that are like every other piece of land… unique. Our volunteers manage this
service and take their own time and commitments to travel, sometimes long
distances to be able to view, recommend and use their numerous expertise in the
agricultural industry including but not limited to:

Farming structures
Mechanical and electrical machinery
Soil and water conservation
Recycling techniques
Sustainability ensuring that they need no additional upkeep
  Food Engineering and stability
Plant breeding/geneticist qualified
Woodland and forest manager services
Bee keepers / Pest replacement services