Grow your own Initiative

Bringing back community spirit

We have launched our grow your own initiative to bring back more communal growing gardens within each city we have operational modules, Where volunteers run and manage them for public benefits. Each communal area will ensure self sufficiency along with bringing communities closer together through the love of nature and provide local registered charities fresh produce to supply to the community while also collecting a number of organisations wastes to convert to vermiculture.

1. Tree planting 
2. Perennial planting
3. Vegetable plots
4. Herb plots 
5. Bee hives 
6. Vermiculture 


Each communal areas management staff will have full DBS checks and training in dealing with people of all abilities and skills to ensure that no one will miss out and everyone can enjoy safe, practical gardening inclusive of all age ranges and abilities.

We are looking for centres to start all over the UK and have the aim to get into every community. If you have a spare piece of land we can assist in using the land sustainably to its full potential or can spare time to run a community garden, please get in touch today on contact page.

Grow your own Initiative


Our vegetable and herb produce would be aimed at helping local registered charities that provide meals to homeless and vulnerable people as well as community members who offer their time to help. We would aim to have 3 30mx90m poly-tunnels with low cost LED lighting and environmental control that would be capable of a rotational system year-round without issue.

Our trees raised would be planted by local volunteers in communities and public spaces to provide more green spaces to the areas.

Our beehives would be able to help bee populations expand, provide and save habitats ensuring plants get pollinated sufficiently while rehoming and growing bee populations.

Our perennial planting would look to see roadsides planted, the grass looks good but that’s all its for. Planting wildflowers annually would help ensure there is a lot of food available to help bee and other animal populations expand, and provide attractive eye-pleasing transformation of the land. We expect to use over 50kg each growing season per centre we have in operation.