How to take tree cuttings when out of season in its simpliest form

1. Find a tree and cut the top 12 inches from as many branches as possible
1a. once the first 12 inches are took, cut that into half
1b. Repeat until you have 100

2. Contact us for postage address, upon delivery we will contact you for postage reciept and give you a £50 code to use on our store (includes free delivery too) 

Below is some more detailed information regarding hardwood / softwood cuttings and how to take and collect and store them, i know that this ability is not for everyone however if you do have the capabilities to use WHAT3WORDS app on google / apple to tell us where the cuttings were took we can aim to plant them cuttings you took in the places you took them to help regenerate and further establish tree planting in that area, often enough you have the capabilities and if so with community efforts we will fund the planting and materials required only requireing your own time to fufill.