Services Offered by Foundation of Earth

Foundation of Earth offers a focused range of services designed to adhere to our core mission without overextending into too many environmental practices.

Tree Planting

We plant trees strategically, following the Forestry Commission’s management plans to ensure our efforts provide maximum benefit. Our tree planting initiatives focus on planting the right species in the right places to enhance local ecosystems and biodiversity with the aid of the woodland trust who provide just as many tress as cuttings we take ourselves anually.

T.R.E.E.S Educational Packs

We are developing comprehensive educational packs to teach communities about the importance of trees and the environment. More information will be available soon.

One for One Benefit

Every month, participating businesses voluntarily donate the proceeds from any one of their sales that month on an agreed timeframe (usually for a 5 year period) to support our mission. In return, we plant trees to offset some of their carbon footprint. We use various online tools to calculate the carbon footprint for most businesses accurately and determine the costs it undertakes us to complete the projeect.  We collaborate with businesses that support our non-profit through various means, including sponsorships, donations, and joint projects. These partnerships help us expand our impact and achieve our environmental goals as well as provide benefits to every business including consultations on adopting more greener business practices. 


We offer a small selection of locally-grown plants and plant kits available for purchase online globally. These products support our mission and promote sustainable gardening practices.

Community Fund

Our Community Fund enables groups of individuals to collectively purchase land for environmental projects. Together, they decide on the initiatives to undertake, which may include reforestation, habitat restoration, or bioremediation efforts. This fund also supports the Foundation of Earth’s sustainability.

Volunteer Programs

We offer volunteer programs where individuals can participate in tree planting, educational activities, and other environmental projects. Volunteers gain valuable experience while contributing to our mission and we gain even more valuable assistance from likeminded self motivated volunteers who can go on to enjoy volunteering.

Fundraising Activities

We organize fundraising events and campaigns to support our projects. These activities include charity runs, eco-fairs, and online crowdfunding, providing opportunities for community involvement and support.

Through these services, Foundation of Earth stays committed to our environmental mission, engaging communities and businesses in meaningful and impactful ways.