Urban Planting Initiatives

Who says you have to travel outside the city to enjoy the beauty (and deliciousness) of fresh fruit orchards? Cities all across the world are transforming the urban landscape by harvesting trees in public spaces. Together with growing community gardens, planting urban orchards is bringing local groups and residents together to improve their neighbourhoods. Planting fruit and nut-bearing trees in limited resource neighbourhoods and in neglected areas in cities connects people with nature, provides volunteer opportunities, produces food in public areas, promotes a healthier and calmer community and teaches the public about the environment.

We are planting Fruiting trees and bushes across public paths and nature walks, green spaces in city centres, parks, schools and businesses across the UK
and can provide a number of trees out of season to be planted in urban spaces


We have 50 apple trees growing at any one time


We have 50 wild pear trees growing at any one time


We have over 500 strawberry plants available at any one time


We have 50 plum available at any one time


We have 50 peach available at any one time


We have 50 cherry (bird / wild) available at any one time

If you know of locations near you that are listed above that can benefit from some fruiting trees being planted and maintained please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.