Volunteering with THCBD Farms Foundation of Earth

We always have several volunteering roles available and require several instantly


Project management 

Fundraising representatives 

Administrative duties 

Website maintenance and management

Social media volunteers


Excellent opportunities and benefits are available including

Free educational qualifications in related subjects to assist your

Expenses paid where needed

training provided where needed


Apply now and fill in the form for our volunteer manager to be in touch to discuss your application.

Volunteering with us
When applying to volunteer with Thcbd Farms Foundation of Earth it is important to know that this is the only way to volunteer with us and that we do not advertise our services through any third parties.
We require this to post out policies and require agreement before volunteering starts
If a selected role is unavailable, we currently are not looking for volunteers at this time, please keep an eye on our social media pages for updates
Submit any relivent experiences and knowledge in the required role, if you do not have any do not worry all applications are considered.