Partner with us and start planting trees around the world!

There are many ways to get involved, but adopting a One-for-One model is a simple and great way to get started! 
You can plant one tree for every product or service sold or donate a percentage of sales monthly.

Your actions help support tree planting efforts in areas that need it most
Right now, British Columbia needs trees! Record-breaking forest fires have burned over two million acres in the last five years, with more than 500 fires so far in 2021 alone. The fires have impacted the forest, soils, riparian ecosystems, wildlife, and water quality. Local indigenous communities have seen their ability to hunt and gather food drastically altered.

You can make a difference with your support! Not only will newly planted trees help re-establish a healthy forest: the species planted will also be resilient in the face of rising temperatures due to climate change. This project will create habitat for iconic wildlife species like the grizzly bear, sandhill crane, and moose



What other areas other than critical area do we support?


With over 123 million hectares of native forests, Australia has the seventh largest forest area in the world, making up three per cent of the Earth’s forests. These forests are unique and varied – ranging from ancient Gondwana rainforest and tropical mangroves to extensive bush lands made up of native acacia, melaleuca and eucalyptus trees. Your donation will help to plant millions of trees across Australia to recover forests affected by the 2019-20 Black Summer Bushfires and restore native habitat vital for wildlife.


Mangroves play a vital role in our tropical and subtropical ecosystems. Found where ocean meets land, they protect our coastlines and keep our beaches beautiful.

With your help, we will:

  • Restore biodiversity in marine ecosystems
  • Increase capacity for 5-10x more carbon storage
  • Protect coastal communities from rising sea levels & storm surges


Home to almost 30% of plant & animal species on Earth, the Amazon River Basin is a vast region with 1.9 billion acres of rainforest and over 1,100 tributaries. 

With your help, we will:

  • Protect & restore primary forests to stabilize the climate
  • Conserve habitat for the Amazon Rainforest’s iconic wildlife species
  • Provide sustainable livelihoods to local people through agroforestry


Taking place on communal lands and around homesteads, the planting of these trees will be tied to sustainable business for the local community: fruit and coffee production, beekeeping, and animal fattening. Community cooperatives will be the primary implementers of the project, while school clubs will be established to engage in the tree plantation to learn by doing.


Becoming a business partner also gives you access to numerous other benefits coming soon!

  • Incredible sustainability stories for your business


  • Reduce your businesses annual carbon footprint


  • Regular updates on all the projects you are supporting


  • Visibility on our website and social media promotions weekly for your contributions enhancing your business

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