Tree Planting

We need tree-planting volunteers to help us plant our trees. 

Tree planting location for January 2023 

We plant in January – February within various suitable locations across the North East and work in small teams to achieve the planting targets based on planting requirements and the scale of the planting operations. 

Prior to any planting we have already surveyed the area, and have created woodland management plans using forestry England templates  in regard to our planting aims and will only aim to plant tree species that are already thriving in the localized area already and not introduce new species unless the local habitats will benefit and not hinder, a vast majority of our trees are provided by the woodland trust however we also receive donations per sale from a number of businesses or receive tree orders directly through them.


Using Auger drill bits and a handheld drill to drill holes where stake we will be carrying bare-rooted trees and putting them in the holes and then going back around filling holes back in and putting in our tree guards to allow the trees to survive while young is essentially how things get done with a little routine.

Twice a year check we will check our trees for signs of pests or damage and report the condition of said trees to our team we use the app “what 3 words” to understand where our specific trees are

PPE Provided 
 Gloves and hi-vis

First aider will be available if needed
Craig Stott

Bottled water will be available – Energy snack bars will be available for free (vegan friendly) 

Expected time 
2 hours per day

You must be fit and active knowing full well you are planting trees.
You must clearly understand you are going to be working in winter in nature
You must clearly understand you are going to be working away from or access to facilities including bathrooms

Upon filling in the form we will contact you regarding any approval or otherwise regarding joining. 
We require 4 people each day at a minimum ideally
Travel costs (public transport) – reimbursed