Areas such as
Tree planting Administration Sales and Events Governance of THCBD

Sign up and register your interest and commit to helping fight biodiversity loss across the world.

Tree planting

Help plant trees close to you, we aim to get projects operational in every major city in the uk.


General day to day running of the charity and our heartbeat that ensures each area and industry each project all sales and data all customer relations and more...


We sell cannabis / Cannabis based products and various other goods trees plant kits clothing and such can help help generate sales?

Project Management

Tree planting / Fruit trees - Soil remediation - Plastic remediation - Organic material remediation - Cannabis sativa var sativa Cultivation - Cannabis sativa var indica Cultivation


The brains behind THCBD and all decision makers equally - Compliance officer - Enviromental Officer - Enviromental Officer - National and International Management

Media Creation

Digital Content editing and creating Videos - Images Pay per project

We require this to post out policies and require agreement before volunteering starts
If a selected role is unavailable, we currently are not looking for volunteers at this time, please keep an eye on our social media pages for updates
Submit any relivent experiences and knowledge in the required role, if you do not have any do not worry all applications are considered.