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At THCBD, we are committed to providing you with premium CBD products that can make a difference in your life while supporting our non-profit mission. With our GMP-grade CBD distillate, Flowform and isolates available , we offer a range of options to suit your needs:

🌱 Sublingual Oils: Available in various sizes and strengths, our sublingual oils are a convenient and effective way to experience the benefits of CBD.

🧴 Balms and Creams: Choose from a variety of sizes and strengths of our soothing balms and creams, perfect for targeted relief and relaxation.

🍫 Edible Delights: Indulge in our delectable CBD-infused chocolates, honey, and jellies, available in various strengths for a tasty and enjoyable experience.

Every purchase you make supports our non-profit initiatives, helping us make a positive impact in our community and beyond. Visit our website to learn more about our mission and the ways we’re making a difference.

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Trained Staff: Our team consists of highly trained professionals who are well-versed in our product offerings and customer service. They are committed to assisting you with any questions you may have and ensuring that your shopping experience is both enjoyable and informative and have the following certificates delivered by high speed training and completed by all of our staff at every level while other certification is down to individual level based on their roles.

Level 3 Food Hygiene and Safety in Manufacturing

Procedures and Policies: We have implemented strict procedures and policies to maintain the integrity of our products and services. Our commitment to quality control and customer satisfaction is at the forefront of everything we do and have the capabilities to ensure from our raw materials used to delivering to you we can trace each ingredient and its location in each batch of goods, We monitor our suppliers recipes and ensure that their is no changes that would deliver a change to the end products created by us.

 Hygiene Rating: We currently are not rated for our CBD products, Due to laws surrounding the sale of CBD to the general public and trading standards we are not allowed to offer our products to the general public, We offer the same products without CBD and are in the process of going through our food hygiene rating process with our local authorities  for those products, upon completion we will be updating this page (24/09)

Clean and Organized Kitchen: Our kitchen facilities are meticulously maintained, adhering to the highest standards of cleanliness and organization. We believe that a clean kitchen is fundamental to ensuring the safety and quality of the products we offer.

Regular Maintenance and Documentation: Our kitchen undergoes regular maintenance to ensure it operates efficiently and safely. We maintain detailed records of these maintenance activities, which are reviewed and updated on a weekly basis or as needed. These records are also made available for inspection to ensure that our health and hygiene standards consistently exceed the required standards by uploading them to our website to be scruitinised by the very customers whom use our services.